PNA is a fashion designer whose brand of the same name presents various streetwear-inspired pieces and accessories for men and women.

Born in Paris, he was lulled by the effervescence of the capital, quickly becoming interested in its fashion culture. In 2017, he then obtained a bachelor's degree in fashion design at the MOD'ART Paris school.


Building on his growing experience, accumulated through numerous internships under the tutelage of Christian Dior Couture, he then worked for the famous concept store Colette, accompanying the brand until its closure in December 2017. It was then that he chose the moment to embark on his project to create the eponymous brand.

The brand was born in 2019. It is strongly influenced by the American streetwear style of the 90s, as well as by the events that punctuate our society, which is often highlighted on its various prints. Its signature slogan, "Notre art est le reflet de notre réalité", bears witness to this. His main wish is to impose his style, while using innovative and high quality products, mostly selected by the designer during his visits to textile fairs.


During its young career, PNA has also been awarded the jury's "Coup de Coeur" prize for its promotion at MOD'ART Paris, where many professionals appreciated the quality of its work. This was followed by appearances in the European press and major solicitations giving credit to the designer's major projects. This opened the doors of private parties and events courted in the fashion world, allowing him to make many encounters. Today, he still lives in Paris, in the heart of a city where he can fully develop his inspiration.